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Content Curation: a New Way to Establish Your Authority

If you check the internet for an information nugget, you are flooded by content from websites. Most likely if you will not need to proceed to the second page of Google on the topic, before you get what you want. In this flood of content, how to do you establish yourself as an authority in your niche business? Sharing relevant information with your audience is one such way to keep yourself abreast with the latest in your field, as well as establish your credentials as an authority for the same.

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This is exactly what content curation is all about.

So how will you curate content? This is very simple, actually. You can do it through any of the social media channels or through a blog. All you need to do is decide on a theme and start collecting interesting articles on the theme. If you have a blog, it is possibly the best place to share the articles. But always remember, you will need permission to repost someone else’s work. But if you are just posting a link with a reference to the original work, I suppose that is acceptable.

I use Twitter to curate and share the content I want to keep a tab on. I often use a particular hashtag to create it. Right now I am curating content under #ContentStrategy. This is a great way to keep myself abreast with what everybody is doing on the subject as well. When I share such content I hope I am helping someone else in their quest too.

What do you say? Does content curation work for you?

Update: since the time I wrote this, I have come across yet another praise of content curation. Check this out too.