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What You Need to Know If You Are Blogging for Your Brand

If you are blogging for a brand, personal or that of your company, here are my tips to get you going:


You will need to build an image in the virtual world that resonates with your target audience. If you are trying to woo today’s readers, let me tell they are extremely tech-savvy people, and mundane simplistic content doesn’t impress them.

Find your niche knowledge area and you can devote your writing on trending topics about your knowledge or expertise areas. Your emphasis can be setting a tone that you understand technology and is ready to share our proficiency to help your readers benefit.

Your business-related inputs need to be in tune with the time, and may include discussions about changing trends in HR, best practices in marketing, topics which may be discovered in Google news, or Twitter. You can write your opinion on any newsworthy item, with proper acknowledgement given to the original news source.

Go for a content calendar, if that makes you more organised in your blog posts. The content calendar is fine, but cannot be sacrosanct. It needs to remain dynamic to cash in on the breaking or most talked about news pieces in your domain.

You will be needing to use very good pictures, so must have access to great images. Paying for a good image site may be a good idea. Alternately, search for images especially marked for reuse or are under creative commons license.

Credentials of the author is important. Make sure you offer some good pieces to work with. Bad English, poor quality of work, or lack of knowledge in the bloggers will hurt our brand.

At the end of the day, as an avid blogger, I believe in using blogging to build an image, rather than only use it for marketing. Having a content strategy in place may help.